Creating a personal website (with little computer science knowledge)

So to sum it up: is a great and easy way to create your personal or business website. There are free accounts ranging to business accounts. Basically, they provide you a template which is easy-to-use for the less technologically savvy. That’s great. HOWEVER.

When you create a website, you need to worry about domain names, DNS settings, and resource records. I purchased the domain name from and had WordPress direct the original link ( to

So, you can put featured images and embedded images. Your featured image will be in previews for your post. Text input is fairly easy, with a title, the main body, and an excerpt. With text input, there is a visual option, and an HTML option. The visual input option enables you to type without worrying about code, but “text” is where you can get fancy and put in short codes (like link_post_id=) or necessary HTML.

There are options for plug-ins for your site, including SEO optimization tools. They can be added if you have a business account, and are easily searchable within WordPress itself (although some may be malicious or have/cause bugs, so read those reviews).

Now, I studied the English language extensively, and am fluent in French, but I tell ya: computer speak is immensely difficult to me. Fortunately, I was around for the good ol’ myspace days, so I have some working knowledge.

This is the start and hopefully my posts will be indicative of my progress during my venture of website exploration and content creation. I’ve done the communication sides of things, yes– but with humans. Next step: mastering the language of the robots.

That said, please excuse any mess or missteps while I get this up and running.


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